Firstbeat Program boosts Performance & Resilience by greater than 50%

A global financial services organisation invests in the health, wellbeing, resilience and physiological performance of their Australian employees. Resilience greatly improved on completion of the Firstbeat Program, with 97% of participants reporting a significant improvement in resilience and 84% likely to recommend the program to others. Learn more…

Creating a Culture of Resilience – leading by example

A major Australian technology company assesses the physiological resilience of their executive leaders. Supporting behavior change in senior leaders and their teams with benefits for the entire organization. Learn more…

Senior mining managers improve Resilience by 20% in 12 weeks

A team of senior mining managers from a major Australian commodity company (circa 16,000 employees) took part in the Firstbeat Program designed to enhance recovery, resilience and performance amongst leaders and their teams. Physiological performance and resilience was assessed at the start of the program and again after 12 weeks. The impact of the program has been significant with improvements in health, energy, concentration, efficiency and productivity as a result. Learn more…

Firstbeat Program outcomes with repeat measurement after 12 weeks

Client Testimonials

“I probably went into the Firstbeat program thinking I mightn’t learn that much more, however the comprehensive feedback report was a genuine eye opener. The daily reports on recovery and the interplay between work, sleep and exercise provided me with a holistic narrative which I don’t believe would be possible from other diagnostic results. More importantly I have used the information to modify my daily routine which is the first time for me that a feedback tool has had a tangible impact to my daily routine”
– Mike McKeon – Oceania HR Director, Ernst & Young