Firstbeat ProgramChronic stress (personal or work related) combined with poor recovery impairs productivity and performance, reducing resilience and increasing the risk of overload, burnout and stress related absence.

Building resilience reduces the negative impact that stress has on both our health (physical and mental), and our cognitive function (productivity and performance). However, resilience is low with one in five Australian employees experiencing a mental health condition at any given time, and it is estimated that 45 per cent of Australians will experience a mental health condition in their lifetime, the most common being anxiety and depression. Building resilience within the Australian workforce is therefore essential.

Firstbeat Program

Our programs accurately and objectively measure resilience through stress and recovery balance, and assess risk of burnout using revolutionary Firstbeat analytics technology. Firstbeat technology is currently used by hundreds of professional sports teams and wellness professionals around the world to achieve high performance and resilience.

As part of our 12 week Firstbeat Program participants use a small wearable device for 3 days and nights to collect heart rate variability data and keep a journal of their daily activities. Once analysed the data provides physiological insights into energy management, stress, recovery and sleep, as well as physical load in the form of exercise and manual work. Allowing personalised insights into stress reactions and recovery behaviours, and providing an objective measurement of physiological resilience.

Our health professionals use these insights to provide personalised evidence based recommendations and clear guidelines to improve resilience and physiological performance. Throughout the program participants are supported and coached to successfully implement their individualised action plan, and are encouraged to promote and support behaviours within their teams to develop a culture of resilience and performance throughout the organisation.

Firstbeat insights

12 Week Program Includes

  • Firstbeat Assessment – 3 day heart rate variability (HRV) measurement providing physiological Insights into Stress, Recovery, Sleep, Energy Balance, Exercise and Resilience.
  • Analysis & Feedback – 1 Hour private consultation with Health & Performance Professional to discuss assessment results, receive expert advice and agree key actions.
  • Personalised Reports – Comprehensive reports and tailored action plan with practical, evidence based resilience and performance strategies.
  • Support & Guidance – Performance and resilience resources, follow ups and coaching are provided to support behaviour change.
  • Performance & Resilience Team Workshop – Explore the impact of stress and recovery on resilience and performance, discover evidence based strategies to boost performance and resilience, discuss anonymised team results and commit to key strategies for teams to adopt. The organisation also receives an anonymised, aggregated report on employee resilience, stress, recovery, sleep and physical activity.
  • Repeat Assessment – After 10-12 weeks we highly recommend repeating the assessment to measure progress and to support further performance enhancements.


Firstbeat Impact

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Case Studies

The evidence from thousands of corporate programs is clear. The Firstbeat assessment increases productivity, improves resilience and reduces losses associated with illness related absences. A personal, stress-recovery profile of everyday life combined with professional feedback and advice motivates and guides employees to make changes for improved health, vitality and resilience. Learn More…

“I probably went into the Firstbeat program thinking I mightn’t learn that much more, however the comprehensive feedback report was a genuine eye opener. The daily reports on recovery and the interplay between work, sleep and exercise provided me with a holistic narrative which I don’t believe would be possible from other diagnostic results. More importantly I have used the information to modify my daily routine which is the first time for me that a feedback tool has had a tangible impact to my daily routine”
– Mike McKeon – Oceania HR Director, Ernst & Young