Working with leaders and teams across the organisation to embed a culture of wellbeing, resilience and personal performance. Educating and supporting employees to implement strategies to boost performance, manage stress and build resilience for themselves and their teams, for the benefit of the entire organisation. Supporting sustainable growth and development whilst looking after your most important asset – your human performance.

New Starters Program

Designed for new starters to introduce the concept of building resilience and boosting performance through education and positive lifestyle behaviours and habits.

Monthly Program Includes:

  • 1 Hour Monthly Group Presentation focusing on scientific principles of stress, resilience and performance, and evidence based strategies to improve.
  • 40minute one to one coaching consultation – Review of personal situation and evidence based recommendations focusing on sleep, exercise, stress, recovery, nutrition and energy balance.
  • Online support and resources.

Emerging Leaders Program

Supporting future talent to enhance and develop resilience, health, wellness and performance, through education and behaviour change techniques.

8 Week Program Includes:

  • 1 Hour Group Workshop on Health, Wellness, Performance and Resilience.
  • Tailored Personal Performance Plan.
  • Fortnightly 30 minute one to one coaching consultations to develop and  implement personal performance plan (4 coaching sessions during program).
  • Online support and resources.

Personal Performance Challenge

Take up the challenge to improve resilience, health and performance as a company or a team. This company wide program is delivered remotely through online resources and support. Educating participants on the most effective evidence based strategies to promote recovery, resilience and performance, and challenging participants to practice a different strategy every week for the duration of the program. The company is encouraged to form teams and take on the weekly challenges together.

8 Week Program Includes:

  • Educational kick-off presentation to introduce the concept of performance and resilience, and the 8 week challenge.
  • Weekly themes and personal goals/challenges focusing on key strategies and aspects to improve Health, Resilience and Performance.
  • Weekly education and support using technology and social groups to keep it fun and engaging.
  • Personal Performance & Resilience assessment. Participants are assessed before and after the program to measure participant progress and program impact.


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